Special Needs Families

Families with special needs member face unique challenges when it comes to planning for their loved ones’ financial future.

At NorStar Financial, our special needs planning aims to ensure that the individual with disabilities receives the care they need while preserving their eligibility for government benefits. Not only that, our holistic financial planning process strives to secure financial future for ALL members of a special needs family.

Today, we are among the few registered financial planning companies in the area that truly incorporates special needs planning into our financial planning process. We are also part of a nationwide, elite group of leading experts in special needs planning. Clients benefit tremendously from our expertise and our network of referral resources.

Complete Financial Planning for Families with Special Needs Member(s)

         – A Life Care Plan™ addressing all aspects of special needs planning that includes:

             > life plan

             >financial plan

             >resource plan

             >legal plan

      – Holistic financial planning for the whole family:
     >Retirement planning
     >Wealth preservation
     >Estate planning
     >Tax reduction strategies
     >Insurance solutions
– And more…