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Why working with us?

NorStar Financial of Plano is a fee-only, fiduciary financial planning and investment management services company.

We help college bound gen X and gen Y families create a comprehensive college funding plan to maximize financial aid, minimize taxes, and save for a comfortable retirement at the same time.

At NorStar Financial, we are committed to help all families including families with special needs child. We believe that our knowledge, experience and proactive advice can help you move confidently forward.

Our advisor has been trained in College Pre-Approval™ process and specializes in late stage college funding solutions. College Pre-Approval™ process is a proprietary methodology developed by Capstone College Partners, LTD for financial services professionals like us who wish to deliver unmatched guidance to families regarding college planning.

At NorStar Financial, we do more than just college planning. We provide gen X and gen Y families with comprehensive financial services:

  • We will work with you to develop customized financial plans addressing cash flow management, investment, retirement, insurance, tax and estate planning based on your individual goals and situations.
  • We will help you put your plan in action and support you with ongoing service and guidance. 
  • We build our practice on trust and transparency to truly put your best interests ahead of ours.

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