Clients Preparing for Retirement

Did you know that few people can retire on their own terms? Some may go into early retirement because of their health conditions; some may be forced to work well over their 70s because they haven’t saved enough to last their lives. Whatever the situation, retirement is one of the biggest decisions you will make or are making right now. Entering retirement, all of sudden, you will have more time and freedom to do the things you have postponed for a long time. At the same time, you will face some new risks and challenges: thanks to current medical advancements, you or your spouse could well live to 95, 96, even 100 years old. Do you have enough money for as long as both of you live? Do you want to leave some assets to your children and/or grand children? You can live only once, so plan accordingly and make your retirement a success.

NorStar Financial understands the specialized needs of people near or in their retirement, whatever their age. Let us help you craft two plans that every person needs for a successful retirement: life plan and financial plan.

Complete Financial Planning for Clients Preparing for Retirement

– life plan to help you live your fullest life during retirement

– Health care needs analysis and planning

– Expertise in choosing and maximizing your healthcare benefits

– Retirement income needs projection and planning

– Expertise in finding your best time to claim social security benefits

– Strategies to proactively minimize retirement risks, among them: longevity risk, tax risk, market risk, etc.

– Estate planning based on your current and future family dynamics

– And many more…