Clients in Retirement

Our retirement years are called “golden years” for a reason. These are the times we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor and have a chance to pursue our hobbies and passions that we put off for so long.

No matter at what age you retire, you want life-time income to support your preferred retirement lifestyle, or have the flexibility to pay potential large, unexpected expenses down the road. NorStar Financial has the solutions to helping retirees solve their retirement problems and ensure their golden years stay “golden”. 

Complete Financial Planning for Clients in Retirement (no matter what age they are)

– Retirement plan distribution strategies to maximize your money and minimize taxes

– Investment plan to tackle inflation risk, longevity risk, market risk, etc.

– Maximizing your Medicare and Social Security benefits

– Creating your own retirement pensions

– Health care expense projections and planning including long-term care solutions and implementation

– Charitable giving guidance and strategies that fit your overall plan (if applicable)

– Legacy planning including dynamic estate planning, family meetings and coordinating with your other professionals to ensure that family wealth will be smoothly transferred to your heirs.

– And many more…