As an independent and fee-only financial planner and registered investment advisor, I am compensated solely from fees paid by my clients and do not accept commissions and/or compensations from any other sources. This policy allows the advisor to give independent and objective advice. It also allows the advisor to consider and choose the best solutions and investment products from all possible sources tailored to your individual situation.

*The firm offers a free initial meeting to know your individual needs and goals, and for you to decide if the firm is a good fit. We give you the freedom to choose how you want to engage our services.

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Financial Planning Services

Clients can choose to engage the advisor for either a comprehensive financial planning or smaller, focused topics that may include one or all of the following:

  1. cash flow management
  2. insurance and risk management
  3. retirement planning,
  4. college planning,
  5. investment planning
  6. tax planning
  7. estate planning
  8. life events and transitions
  9. financial check up
  10. second opinion
  • For client who needs consultation on specific issue/topic(s), we offer consulting services on an hourly, or project basis
  • For client who retain us for ongoing financial services and guidance, each client will get:
  1. Ongoing financial advice
  2. Annual comprehensive review of your financial plan and planning meetings with the adviser
  3. Financial coaching to help you make informed decisions, and tackle financial challenges of everyday life
  4. Goal monitoring and evaluation to make sure you stay on track to reach your financial goals
  5. Industry leading client portal that gives you whole picture of your finance in one place and focuses on your long-term success
  6. Tools to easily organize and manage your personal finance such as budget, expenses, savings goals, investments, and more
  7. Monthly newsletter with contents tailored to client’s unique financial situations

Investment Management Services

NorStar Financial offers investment portfolio management as an add-on service to our ongoing financial advisory service clients. Before the service starts, the advisor creates an investment policy for client based on client’s individual goals, time constraints, risk tolerance and risk capacity. The advisor then construct a portfolio in accordance with client’s investment policy. The advisor also aids clients in selection of suitable investment products that matches their unique situations. The advisor monitors client’s portfolio, recommend investment ideas and suggest periodic re-balancing of the portfolio on an on-going basis. Under these services the choice as well as the execution of the investment decisions rest solely with the client.

Client gets all the benefits of the above ongoing financial services, plus:

  1.  Ongoing investment portfolio monitoring
  2.  Periodic portfolio review and report
  3.  Suggestion of investment ideas
  4. Year-round tax efficient investment strategies
  5.  Reminder for re-balancing of your investment portfolio when needed
  6. Extra checking in and guidance during periods of market volatility and/or changing life situations